About Pretty Smart Cookie

k9marolda_1348827646_600Welcome to my world!

I love pretty things, whether it be home decor, makeup, design, architecture, vintage jewelry- I also love to cook! I love to create, and to be creative in many ways. I’m not really a crafter, although I have been known to make jewelry, and I created a DIY wedding a few years ago!

Creative cooking is what I do best. I tweak, I change, I adapt, I love to experiment and create new and interesting flavor combinations. In my home, I cook for my husband and myself, my vegetarian daughter and my gluten-free father in law, as well as 4 dogs. Yes, I make homemade dog treats and cook veggies for them once a week. But, creativity is what enables me to feed everyone! I hope you will enjoy some of my own recipes, as well as those that I have ‘borrowed’ from my favorite cooks, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten and Lidia Bastianich, and those that have been handed down in my Italian family from generation to generation.

I have a very severe addiction to makeup. I’ll tell myself I don’t need it, but I really do. One more lipstick? Who will it hurt? I will give you reviews on the newest and truest beauty products, from cosmetics to moisturizers, hair color to nail color, and at home waxing kits to the latest at home beauty appliances.

I love new ideas, wit and wisdom, and anything clever or interesting. I will post some intriguing news and happenings from around the world, as well as new health information, healing and self help, as well as restaurant reviews, travel information and bed and breakfast and hotel reviews!

I do love to shop. But I’m one of the most informed shoppers around. I do my research, I scout around for the best prices, the best warranty, and the best quality. This Pretty Smart Cookie will give you product reviews on household appliances, furniture, chain stores, big brand items, as well as new on the market gadgets and gizmos.

I’d love to hear your ideas, so please follow me, leave me a note, or just stop by to see what’s going on!

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