YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain – Exquisite Liquid Lip Color With Amazing Staying Power!

I really love lipstick. No, really. I mean “Desert Island” love. I can’t live without it.

When “Lipstick Queen” came to Ulta last year, I was hopeful, but I was disappointed. I am usually disappointed.

Here’s the thing about lipstick; it has so many criteria to meet, that it’s nearly impossible to get everything you want from just one product. But someone in Paris gets a gold star!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain

This is heaven. Expensive heaven, but heaven none the less! At $35 a pop, it’s an indulgence, but it’s not so bad considering all the lipstick in my lipstick graveyard… (thank goodness for Back-to-MAC or I’d be stuck with a lot of useless shades)

Let’s get to the details. The colors are gorgeous, and as you’re testing them, keep in mind that they slightly change after you apply. You will notice not only changes in color but in consistency as well. This is a good thing. Application is easy, and the texture is very thin, however after about a minute you will notice the texture change and feel more like there is a nice light gloss on your lips. Give it another minute and do a cursory ‘kiss’ on the back of your hand. See anything? Nope.

I know, I know, you’ve tried these stains before and they start to feather, bleed, crack, come off unevenly. Me too. But this one is different! It seriously stays on through a Starbucks Latte, with NO embarrassing lipstick on the lid. It stays on after eating a bowl of soup! I’ve kissed my husband without getting a trace of color on him!

Just make sure you don’t leave the cap off for long, as oxygen makes the product thicken and change, so you don’t want that to happen. Don’t pump it like crazy either, that just aerates the product and again will shorten its shelf life!

The color stays on and only ‘fades’ throughout the day, but doesn’t get weird and start cracking like most others I’ve used. No heavy feel, no waxy feel, not too slippery, not matte. Just perfect!

This comes in a nice array of colors, and then in the “Rebel Nudes” collection there are very light colors.

Sephora always has 20% off for VIB around this time of year! $28 plus tax- Or look on eBay! I’ve scored a few that way! And remember, Sephora lets you return it if you decide you don’t like it. So you’re not stuck if you decide the color wasn’t what you thought. I love Sephora. xox.

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