Living Proof that YOU TOO can get your PHD in Awesome, Amp-ed up Hair!

Do you have your PHD? I got mine from a scientist friend of Jennifer Aniston. I think I love him. 

This is my number one, total gotta have it hair product, that brought me out of hiding and back to blogging! I have short, thick, mostly straight hair. My hair requires a lot of direction and texture.  I have tried so many products, all just hoping for them to be as good as this has turned out to be. Bumble and Bumble Texture Cream at $28, was one product I had hoped would be my miracle. It wasn’t. It did however leave me with little white crusty flakes in my hair.  I have used Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom, and ended up with flat, somewhat greasy strands afterwards. 

You see, what I wanted was some basic lightly volumizing, styling creme, that left my hair with a nice healthy shine and overall smoothness, without stickiness, flaking or a greasy feeling. I found it. 


P.H.D is an amazing product, and at $26 for a scant 4 oz. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, as is all of the Living Proof line, but it is well worth the price for how many steps it has removed from my regimen, and how well it really performs. So rarely does a product live up to its’ claims.

A small amount in the palm, emulsified by rubbing your hands together, and running it through your hair. I blow dry my hair for a few minutes, and I’ve got styled, sleek and smooth hair. Touchable, soft and with no buildup or residue. An added benefit are the conditioning properties, which keep your hair in great shape between washings! 

I finish styling after it is dry with one of my other favorite products by Living Proof, Amp- a great volume/texture cream which is “revivable” for 48 hours! 

This is an excellent texturizing finishing cream which will give you amazing volume and beautiful texture without greasiness or a ‘dirty’ feeling. No crunch, no stiffness! You can revive the style with your fingers and NO additional product by just reworking with your fingers or a brush! This is amazing stuff. At $24 for 2 oz., it is on the high end, but again, well worth it. 


For me, these are the only two products I really need. I sometimes add a little shine spray – but I really don’t even need hairspray! I guess it depends on your hair type and texture, but be sure to try it out! 


For the time being, P.H.D. is only available through the Living Proof website, or exclusively at ULTA. 

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