Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Night: For a True Beauty Sleep, Try This Dream Cream.


Two years ago, I bought a giant sized Hope In a Jar by Philosophy, on QVC. I had never used it before, but I was quite smitten with the light fluffy, easily absorbed formula for daily use under my makeup. The cream is well known to have a bit of a strange fragrance to it, which took some getting used to.  When I was in Sephora, I saw that Philosophy had come out with a Night version of their Hope in a Jar. I gave it a try, as I usually do. Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s are all great with taking a return on a cosmetic item if you didn’t care for it. I love that policy, since I hate getting stuck with a bunch of products I don’t use!

No worries here though. The formula is silky, not fluffy like its’ predecessor. It is a textural joy to apply, with a very subtle, light scent. After all, you don’t want an offensive scent to disturb your slumber!

According to Philosophy, Hope in a Jar Night,  “features remarkable qusome technology for quick and intense retexturizing, while improving uneven skin tone.” What the heck is a qusome? Apparently it is like little invisible encapsulations which penetrate deeper into the skin, carrying the glycolic acid through the layers.  Yes, glycolic acid. That’s one of the secrets of this little dream cream. If you’re sensitive to alpha hydroxy acids, which I am, then try this cream. I have had amazing results. Truly.

I cleanse my skin before bed, sometimes very well, and sometimes I just swipe Josie Maran’s Bear Naked wipes over my face and call it clean enough. And then I moisturize. I had read some years ago, that nighttime moisturizing is the best bet to keeping your skin youthful, dewy, and refreshed. This cream does it all. It reportedly works on your fine lines, of which I really don’t have as of yet. But it does plump up my skin, and makes it feel more substantial. You know the feeling of aging skin, as it thins, and is no longer as pliable and elastic as it once was, well this certainly helps. I’ve noticed a marked difference in the texture and appearance of my skin in the last four weeks since I’ve been using this cream.

I tend to have dry flaky skin on the sides of my nose, and under my brows, and on my forehead. I have had near-perfect skin since I started using this cream. I do also use some Josie Maran Argan oil on my problem areas in the morning, but I really owe a lot to this little black jar. It has rejuvenated and refreshed my skin. I have had NO clogging of pores or blemishes with this cream. It is truly remarkable. If you look around the net, you’ll see mine is not the only rave review!

People have noticed a difference, and I have been complimented by my eyebrow threading lady, about my ‘great skin.’  The girl at Ulta, as I was trying on Tarte tinted moisturizers, “Wow, you have great skin, this is really all you need.” Win!

At $48 for the 2 oz. jar, it is moderate to high in price, but after 4 weeks, I am still at least 6 months away from needing a new jar. Well worth it. A little goes a very long way. Of course, look for Gifts with Purchase or special deals at Ulta, Sephora or Macy’s and even on QVC. If you want to give this a try, I highly recommend it!

Sweet Dreams!

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