Dyson 10″ Air Multiplier AM01 – Pretty Cool!


As I said, I love QVC. I would never have the stomach to spit out $300 for this fan, but spread my payments out over 5 months, with no interest, and free shipping? I’m in. This is our second fan, the first was the 12″ Dyson, we bought 2 years ago on QVC also, when it was a today’s special value – the price was the same then. We loved it! To some, it may seem so absurd to spend that kind of money on a fan. But we had our reasons.

We are a family with 4 dogs. 2 of the ridiculously shedding variety, and when I say ridiculous, I really mean it. We have a vacuum on both floors of the house, a dyson handheld on the kitchen wall, and a swiffer always at the ready – if we don’t stay on top of it, we will have dust bunnies the size of actual bunnies. It’s not pretty.

A conventional fan, doesn’t stand a chance. We have already gone through several of those tower fans, and spent good money for them, only to have them just out and out FAIL- with no explanation. We’ve tried good brands, like Vornado, Honeywell, Holmes and Lasko. Dead, dead and dead. Aside from the fact that they pull in the dog hair and dander and cease ‘spinning’ on the inside where they can’t be cleaned- they are just blowing around dirty air, with dirty fan blades you can’t clean. They are cumbersome and wobbly, and LOUD. I’ve paid between $50 and $100 for these kinds of fans, one for each room of the house. We don’t have central air, just a few window units that we don’t like to keep on all the time. Sometimes you just want the air to move around, and open a window.

I certainly can’t afford a Dyson Air Multiplier for every room in the house, but so far, this girl has two. I really love it. Why? What could be so great that you could justify spending $300 on a fan??? First of all, safety. I don’t have to worry about a tail or tongue getting caught in the blades. It also is cooler than a conventional fan. How? Dyson’s air multiplier technology draws in the air at the center of the base, and sends it out at a nice steady force through small holes in the ‘ring’ – It’s amazing, and yet, so simple. I wipe the ring out every few days, to keep it clear of dander, and I wipe down the base as well, making sure to remove any dust from the perforated area where the room air is drawn in.

Do you know the feeling of an oscillating fan with its beating blades chopping the air like some out of control helicopter? This is a different feeling altogether. It’s gentler, finer, cooler- it’s not a huge gust of wind, but more like a steady cool breeze from a window. It’s hard to describe how much better this is than a regular fan, but if you have a Bed Bath & Beyond near you, go and feel it for yourself. It comes in two colors, silver, and blue and silver- i’d opt for the silver if possible, but I do have one of each.

They do look nicer than a regular fan, and of course just look sleeker and more appealing. But truly, the way they work is really the selling point. I’ve seen people complain about them being loud, but I just don’t see it. My air conditioners are loud. The Vitamix is loud. This is calming. Almost like a soft white noise.

Currently QVC has an incredible special going on, with the DC25 handheld vacuum (which I will review separately soon!) and the 10″ Air multiplier for a combined price of $429, plus shipping & tax, comes to about $480, and that’s available for 5 easy payments. It’s pretty awesome since each item sells for $300 a piece retail.

Overall, I’m a huge fan. Pun intended.


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