Lorac Pro Mascara Review – Va Va Voom!


I have a severe addiction to makeup. Since my weight never remains constant, I suppose one of the reasons I love it, is because it always fits!

I don’t go through every step, every day, but on most days, tinted moisturizer, mascara and lipstick are de rigueur! I have gone through a number of mascara ‘tries’ and although I have found a few long time loves, there is always room for more! Especially when Ulta has a special deal! I’m in!

This mascara comes only in black (as any mascara should!)- and retails at $23. The brush is big, and I mean BIG!! It’s a nice fluffy bristled brush, NOT a plastic brush, as many are made these days- I truly hate those wands! They allow way too much mascara on the brush and there is no separation, just a clumpy mess. This brush is wonderful, so large that it creates these beautiful upswept, dark, separate lashes!  Very buildable. You may bump the brush into your eye a few times at first, but you will get used to the size after a while.

The performance on this mascara is phenomenal. In comparison to Chantecaille, which runs $42 a tube, I dare say that this is even better. The formula dries to a nice shine, a nice glossy finish, it captures the light, which is perfect. There is no clumping due to a nice tight wiper neck, which allows just the right amount of mascara on the brush. VERY important to me!!!! There is no flaking and no smudging. Of course, I’m not you, and you’re not me, so maybe if you have a more oily complexion, you’d have a different experience with smudging. On me, it is flawless!

I was, in fact, asked 3 times already, “Are those your lashes?” That is an excellent sign.

Lorac Pro Mascara, Pin-Up Girl Lashes!

Luckily I was able to grab a bunch of these for the Ulta special deal price of $10, but I’d gladly pay full price! Removal was a cinch as well! No lingering mascara, no tugging and pulling at my delicate eye area to get the black off, it was great. (I use Josie Maran Bear Naked wipes for my eye makeup removal- I will review those soon!)

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